Celebrate Bastille Day July 14 at These Washington DC French Restaurants

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For 232 years, the French have annually celebrated Bastille Day, the national holiday that marked a turning point of the French Revolution and the unity of the French people. Here in Washington DC, we may be a plane ride away from the home of the “City of Lights,” but we can still celebrate delicious French cuisine at our local restaurants.

When Bastille Day arrives on July 14, celebrate the holiday with cassoulet, coq au vin, boeuf bourguignon and other traditional French dishes at French restaurants located near our Wray apartments.

Le DeSales, located at 1725 Desales St NW, Washington, DC which is seven minutes from your Wray apartment, offers a contemporary take on French cooking in a brasserie with a chic bar and offbeat artwork.

From the selection of French graffiti artwork to the bentwood leather chairs, Chef Raphael Francois kept the direction of Le DeSales simple, modern, and timeless. He created the menu with that same simplicity in mind, which features Francois’ signature dishes, like his simplissime crab with tarragon and potatoes among other personal favorites.  

La Chaumiere, located at 2813 M St NW, Washington, DC which is six minutes from your Wray apartment, is as close as it gets to dining in a French country inn with its homey yet upscale interior and authentic French cuisine.

The unpretentious atmosphere is enhanced by the central stone fireplace, wood beams and stucco walls which offer a rustic and romantic escape from city life. Plus, patrons are invariably dazzled by the consistent quality of food prepared by Chef de Cuisine Patrick Moulet. 

Le DeSales

1725 Desales St NW, Washington, DC 20036


La Chaumière

2813 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

(202) 338-1784

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