It’s Pumpkin Beer Season! Grab a Pint At These Washington D.C. Breweries

BY Blog Editor

For those that love pumpkin, they really love pumpkin. And one of the tastiest ways to get a sip of it is through a quenching pumpkin beer – especially since they only come around one per year!

If you’ve been on the hunt for a few pumpkin beers to enjoy amid this beloved season, head to these breweries near your Wray apartment that have been hard at work brewing up pumpkin and other fall-flavored beers. Pick up a six-pack as well to enjoy at home!

Atlas Brew Works, located at 2052 West Virginia Ave NE #102, Washington, DC which is 14 minutes from your Wray apartment, is a brewery producing several craft beers. They also offer tastings and growlers.

CEO Justin Cox grew up in Tennessee and went to school at Vanderbilt. Afterwards, Cox came to DC for government work. When Cox finally committed to starting his own brewery, he decided that DC’s burgeoning craft scene would be perfect for their varied and oftentimes sophisticated offerings. In just a few years, Atlas has expanded in big ways, both in terms of output and styles brewed.

Bluejacket, located at 300 Tingey St SE, Washington, DC which is 10 minutes from your Wray apartment, is a microbrewery and restaurant serving craft beers and American eats in century-old former factory.

Bluejacket was built to be a brewery without boundaries, allowing beer director Greg Engert and his team of brewers to create beers across the broadest range of styles and flavors possible. At Bluejacket, understanding of and respect for the traditions and techniques of classic brewing coexist with a spirit of constant experimentation, innovation and collaboration, leading to delicious beers that showcase seasonality, culinary inspiration and historic interpretation.

Atlas Brew Works

2052 West Virginia Ave NE #102, Washington, DC 20002

(202) 832-0420


300 Tingey St SE, Washington, DC 20003

(202) 524-4862

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