Celebrate the Lunar New Year Close to your Wray Apartment

BY Blog Editor

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by billions of people throughout the world every February, and every year the thousands of Asian Americans living here in Washington D.C. celebrate as well with colorful parades, fireworks and of course – lots of good food. You can find a list of locations throughout the Washington DC region that will be performing lion dances and fireworks in this article. However, if you want to keep your celebration a bit more low-key and closer to home, we recommend you try one of our neighborhood Asian restaurants that are celebrating the holiday this coming month.

While Chinese take-out, dim sum, pho and other Asian delicacies are standard dinners for most Americans, make your meal a little special this week for the Lunar Near Year at this local Chinese restaurant.

Reren – Located in Georgetown, about 5 minutes from your Wray apartment, Reren Lamen and Bar is a trendy little restaurant located upstairs from a popular boba shop. With a futuristic concept, at Reren you can scan a QR code at the table and place your order directly through your phone. The space is modern, airy, and super colorful, with dishes that are just as colorful and fun. The Chef behind the operation, Chef Leopold, was raised on noodles in Beijing, and brings his love for this Chinese staple to his DC diners. His affection is clearly reserved for the lamen and similar dishes, which all rely on the same house-made strands at this authentic but modern twist of Chinese cuisine.

Reren Lamen n Bar (Georgetown), 1073 Wisconsin Ave NW 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20007

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