Here’s Where To Find the Best Iced Coffee Near Your Wray Apartment

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There’s nothing like a chilled serving of your favorite cup ‘o joe. Which is exactly why as soon as the weather finally starts ticking upwards, we’re more than ready to indulge in our iced coffee fix. Luckily, here near our Wray apartments, it’s easy to find great cafes nearby.

If you’re looking for a cup that’s anything but steaming, head to these coffee shops that are right around the corner from your Wray apartment for an iced coffee that will get you ready for the morning commute – or simply ready for a day at your home office. These shops offer variety, friendly service, coffee expertise and more!

Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar, located at 1916 I St NW, Washington, DC which is an 11 minute walk from your Wray apartment, is a modern, bi-level destination for hand-poured and French-pressed coffee, plus espresso and pastries.

Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar opened in 2010 with the intent of sharing truly amazing coffee with Washington, DC. All of Filter’s products are chosen and prepared with an uncompromising commitment to quality and service. They have chosen a select list of varietals that will entice everyone from the coffee novice to the constantly caffeinated coffee lover. 

Greenberry’s Coffee Co., located at 1805 E St NW, Washington, DC which is a seven minute walk from your Wray apartment, works with premier growers and importers of fine Arabica coffees, giving them access to the best and most interesting coffees available.

Their training and philosophy came from their apprenticeship under Alfred Peet of Peets Coffee and Jamie Anderson of Anderson Coffee. These master roasters perfected the art of a dark roast and the richness of every bean, offering a thicker body and bold flavors.

Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar

1916 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

(202) 223-0100

Greenberry’s Coffee Co.

1805 E St NW, Washington, DC 20006

(202) 898-0360

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