Celebrate Pride Month At These LGBTQ-Owned Businesses in Washington, D.C.

BY Blog Editor

Each Pride Month, millions of people all over the world celebrate their own individual sexuality by taking part in parades, picnics, workshops, parties, concerts and more. By deeming June as Pride Month, we vow to never forget the positive impacts that LGBTQ people have had on our community, as well as also remember those lost to hate crimes. 

This Pride Month, you can celebrate and support our LGBTQ neighbors in meaningful ways every day by visiting LGBTQ owned businesses in our accepting city. Check out these shops and restaurants right around the corner from your Wray apartment!

District Dogs, located at 2323 Sherman Ave NW, Suite 4, Washington, D.C. which is 14 minutes from your Wray apartment, is a full-service dog training facility that also offers boarding, grooming and more. 

District Dogs began as a dog walking business in 2014 with owner Jacob Hensley as the sole employee. Growing with each new client, within two years the business included a team of walkers that covered the majority of Northwest D.C. District Dogs gained a reputation as the go-to pet care company for warm, thoughtful and outstanding service.

ThreeFifty Bakery and Coffee Bar, located at 1926 17th St NW, Washington, D.C. which is nine minutes from your Wray apartment, is a quaint place offering treats such as biscotti, cookies and pound cake, plus espresso drinks and a patio.

At Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar, they bake with love and at the perfect baking temperature of 350 degrees, which allows them to deliver a world-class experience each and every time you are ready to indulge into a satisfyingly-flavorful variety of specialty pastries and desserts that are prepared fresh daily in-house. They also masterfully customize baked goods, served to your specifications perfectly.

District Dogs

2323 Sherman Ave NW, Suite 4, Washington, D.C. 20001

(202) 506-2624

ThreeFifty Bakery and Coffee Bar

1926 17th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20009

(202) 629-1022

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