Is Health Your New Year’s Resolution? Check Out These Healthy Eateries

BY Blog Editor

After a long and indulgent holiday season full of cocktails, desserts, hearty meats and more, we’re all ready to be a little healthier in 2023 – especially if that’s also our New Year’s resolution. And in Washington, D.C., that’s made easy thanks to the many healthy yet delicious restaurants we have in the city. 

This year, spend less time with a burger and fries and more time with these health-focused restaurants near your Wray apartment. They’re so delicious you won’t even realize you’re doing your body a favor!

Beefsteak, located at 800 22nd St NW, Washington, D.C. which is a five minute walk from your Wray apartment, is a fast-casual chain from José Andrés’ restaurant group specializing in flavorful veggie and grain bowls.

Beefsteak proudly celebrates the unsung power of vegetables — as farm-fresh as possible, whether year-round favorites or the best of each season. They’re deliciously matched with hearty grains, freshly-made sauces, crisp greens and flavorful toppings.  

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw, located at 1341 L St NW Suite 1, Washington, D.C. which is nine minutes from your Wray apartment, features raw-vegan dishes and organic wine pairings on Friday evenings inside an elegant Federalist townhouse. 

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw began in 2009 as an expression and experiment by founder and owner Elizabeth Petty. During her experience with cancer, she was introduced to plant-based foods as an access to better health, vitality and peace of mind. It was only natural to use her expertise and reputation in the food industry to share her newfound passion.


800 22nd St NW, Washington, D.C. 20052

(202) 296-1439

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

1341 L St NW Suite 1, Washington, D.C. 20005

(202) 347-8349

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